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Rules Of Shooting & Conduct On The Field

If you lose one TELL SOMEONE it MUST be found

1. The club rules of shooting will conform to the current rules of shooting of the GNAS.
2. No-one shall shoot whilst others are in front of the shooting line. No bow with an arrow on the string shall be pointed at anyone under any circumstance, whether drawn or not.
3. During shooting anyone seeing an unexpected hazard must shout the word “FAST”, all archers will immediately stop and await further orders.
4. Any loss or damage to Club equipment shall be reported immediately to a member of the executive committee.
5. Members shall be held responsible for any loss or damage to Club equipment caused by their negligence or disobedience of the rules.
6. Members, before leaving the field, shall put away securely, all Club equipment they have been using.
7. Any archer not shooting shall remain at least 5 yards/metres behind the shooting line and keep as quiet as possible whilst others are shooting.
8. Archers shall not pass behind the target to retrieve arrows until their scores have been taken.
9. In competition shoots, shooting shall commence 15 minutes after the appointed time for assembly the appointed time of assembly in all cases a whistle will be sounded for assembly and again for commencement of shooting.
10. At an organised meeting, no practice is allowed on the ground, except that one end of 6 arrows may be shot as sighters before the beginning of each days shooting, but only after competitors have come under the judges orders at the assembly. Such sighters shall not be recorded.
11. Six arrows shall be shot at the end in one direction only. Each archer in turn shall shoot 3 arrows and when all on a target have shot, each shall shoot 3 more. At some Metric shoots, all 6 arrows are shot without a break.
12. Archers shall shoot at their respective targets in accordance with the prepared target lists.
13. Unless otherwise directed, number 3 on each target shall be the target captain and number 4 the lieutenant. The captain shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of the score sheet. The lieutenant will identify the arrows with the score called and will assist the captain in any way required.
14. Every archer’s arrows must be clearly and distinctly marked with his/her name or initials so that there may be no difficulty in identifying the owner.
15. If from any cause an archer is not prepared to shoot before all have shot, such an archer shall loose the benefit of that end.
16. It shall be the duty of the captain to see that competitors other than those actually on the shooting line shall take up their positions at least 5 yards/metres behind the shooting line and to ensure that the attention of archers engaged in shooting shall not be diverted by talking or otherwise.
17. Except by special permission of the captain, no spectator or friend shall mingle with the archers while shooting is in progress.
18. If an arrow touches two colours, it shall be scored as in that of the highest value. Should any dispute arise as to whether an arrow is touching the higher colour, the matter shall be decided by the target captain, subject to an appeal to the club captain or his deputy.
19. If any doubt or dispute shall arise on any point connected with the shooting, the matter shall be referred to the captain whose decision will be final.
20. Should the presence of the Club Captain be required for any purposes, the target captain or lieutenant shall remain at the target to give any information or assistance which the club captain may require.
21. Once archers have taken their position on the shooting line, they shall receive no assistance or information by word or otherwise from anyone.
22. In the event of any archer shooting by inadvertence more than 6 arrows at an end, the archer shall be penalised by losing the value of his/her best arrow in the target and such an arrow shall not be measured for a gold prize.
23. If an archer persists in shooting more than 3 arrows consecutively, he/she may be disqualified by the club captain. If, for any reason, there is only one archer on a target, he/she shall after shooting his first 3 at an end, retire at least 5 yards/metres from the shooting line, pause and advance again to shoot the other 3 arrows.
24. An arrow shall not be deemed to have been shot if it fails to travel more than 3 metres from the shooting line. Await permission from the Field Captain before retrieval.
25. An arrow passing through the target shall not be scored.
26. If an arrow is seen to rebound from a target during some rounds, the archer shall, after shooting the last arrow of the end, retire two paces and hold the bow aloft to call an official.
27. Bow sights or similar devices which incorporate any form of lens or prism shall not be allowed except on compound bows.
28. Practice shooting following an organised shoot shall not take place until permission is given by the Club or Field Captain.

Please make yourself familiar with these rules
And remember that ANYONE seeing a hazard can make the “FAST” call.